Screening Process

Proper screening of applicants is key to successful placement and a year-long exchange experience. Totalnannies.com uses a multi-tiered screening process to ascertain an applicant's appropriateness for the program.

The Interview

Totalnannies.com maintains a large network of correspondents worldwide. We have central offices in London with highly qualified staff who have a vast experience in this field and correspondents in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, other parts of the UK, South Africa, Ireland , USA and other countries. All candidates are interviewed, selected and screened personally very thoroughly. Candidates who do not deem fit do not pass the interview.

All correspondents are under contract to totalnannies.com

Correspondents receive an information pack which outlines the requirements of the program.

The Application

Applicants complete a very detailed application detailing occupational history, child care experience, educational achievements, interests and hobbies and other personal information.

Applicants provide at least two written references. References from relatives are not accepted. References are verified by telephone by correspondents or our central London office.
Applicants are required to submit a medical certificate and police check. 

The Interview and Acceptance of Applications

All applicants who meet the program requirements are interviewed by one of totalnannies.com's correspondents or our central London office. During the interview correspondents assess the suitability of the candidate for the program.

Correspondents verify the quality of spoken English and educational standard of each applicant. Applicants that do not pass the interview are rejected. Correspondents may reject an applicant upon a variety of factors.

Totalnannies.com's Central Screening Process

All completed applications are reviewed again by totalnannies.com's staff before candidates are accepted on the program. Our central office may telephone a correspondent or applicant directly to gain additional information or clarification of information previously provided. Applications may be rejected at this stage of the process.

Applicants are selected for consideration by a host family based upon criteria outlined by the host family in their application. Host families will receive files of suitable candidates composed of curriculum, references, photos, medical certificate, police check, interview report and relevant diplomas and certificates. Files of candidates with the requirements requested are shown to families who then choose from various candidates.

Applicants will receive full details of suitable host families based on criteria set out on the applicant's application form. A very detailed job description is compiled for every host family. In the description all details of the position are laid out, conditions, salary, ages of children, duties, time off, accommodation, location etc.

Once a family confirms the acceptance of a candidate and the candidate also accepts, the candidate books their flight to join the host family.