Candidate Responsibilities

The candidate's responsibilities may include:

  • Awakening the children, dressing infants and toddlers, bathing and playing with the children.
  • Preparing meals for the children, looking after their belongings, making the children's beds, doing their laundry and straightening their rooms.
  • Speaking English or another language to the children.
  • Sometimes driving the children to and from school, appointments or outings requested by the host family.
  • Doing light housework or heavier housework depending on the position.
  • Being home as necessary whilst the children are absent from school due to illness or holidays.
  • Babysitting in the evening when necessary if the parents have to go out whilst the children are asleep for a maximum of 5 evenings per week depending on the position (excluded in the maximum of 55 hours per week).
  • Being available to provide child care if the parents have to go away for a few days.
  • Going with the family on holiday and provide child care during summer, winter and public holidays.
  • Governesses can follow a school curriculum and prepare for exams


"Thanks. We are extremely satisfied with Mira, couldn't have done better. ." ---Tim and Maria Sullivan (Rogaland, Norway)