Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we choose our teacher?
    Yes. Some organizations select a candidate for you. Totalnannies.com enables you to make this important decision for yourself.
  • Is there an adequate supply of applicants?
    Prospective candidates are recruited all year round by our central offices and our correspondents located worldwide so there is a continuous flow of applications. The availability of applicants may vary during the year depending on possible requirements from the school (driver's license, experience, knowledge of a particular language, type of qualification etc). We try however to satisfy the school's placement dates as accurately as possible.
  • Are teachers trained to deal with different class sizes?
    Yes all our teachers have experience with class sizes that range from one to one teaching to large class sizes of up to 30 students. 
  • Why do we have to provide accommodation for your teachers?
    All olur teachers come from their home country so do not have a base in your country. We require all our candidates to be provided with accommodation. It is part of the package of benefits which will attract the best candidates. 
  • We sometimes have children in our school with special needs. Would our school qualify for one of your candidates?
    You should indicate your school's needs in detail on your application or in a separate letter. Include an outline of specific responsibilities the teacher would fulfill in this special situation. Placement for such situations may be more challenging as there are a limited number of applicants qualified to care for children with special needs. However we do have teachers who have completed training courses and are specialized in the caring for children with special needs.
  • What do you mean by time off with pay for the candidate?
    Our teachers are entitled to 4 weeks off with pay during a 12 month contract. Shorter contracts are calculated pro-rata. The school pays the regular salary agreed at the beginning of the contract for each of those weeks. The candidate can take these weeks at the end of the contract, or at a mutually agreed time during the contract when the school is closed (for instance two weeks at Christmas and another two weeks at another convenient time during the year).
  • What are the usual lengths of stays that can be requested?
    Length of stays are usually either the academic year, 6 months or 1 year.. Different lengths can be arranged on request. We can also arrange shorter stays from minimum 1 month to maximum 4 months usually for summer camps and summer schools, 
  • What are the different types of candidates you can supply and what difference is there in their conditions and salary?
    For schools we are able to offer 3 types of candidates as follows:
    JUNIOR TEACHING ASSISTANT: A junior teaching assistant is usually a young student (18-20 years old). The motivation for going to a foreign country is usually to learn the language, therefore the possibility to attend language classes should be given. A junior teaching assistant is required to work a maximum of 6 hours per day for a maximum of 6 days a week. Duties include assisting the teacher with the lesson, doing activities with the children. Junior teaching assistants are also available for playground supervision and meal supervision. The minimum salary is £135.00 per week. A junior teaching assistant's child care experience is usually limited to babysitting. Please note that junior teaching assistants are not suitable to carry out lesson planning or take lessons without the presence of a teacher  

    TEACHING ASSISTANT: A teaching assistant is usually a more mature candidate with more experience in child care even though there are younger, less experienced teaching assistants. Duties include assisting the teacher in the classroom, organizing activities with the children. A teaching assistant works for a maximum of 10 hours per day for 5 1/2 days per week. They can also be available for playground and meal supervision.The salary ranges from £200.00 per week to £340.00 per week depending on age and experience. Please note that teaching assistants are not suitable to carry out lesson planning or take lessons without the presence of a teacher

    QUALIFIED TEACHER: A Quallified Teacher is a professional individual who does this job as a profession. A Qualified Teacher  is very experienced, specialized in teaching children of all ages and adults at all levels.  A Qualified Teacher will be a graduate in education or have a Post Graduate teaching qualification or will be TEFL or TESOL quallified. A Qualified Teacher works for a maximum of 10 hours per day for 5 1/2 days per week. They can lesson plan, take their own classes and prepare children and adults alike for specifc exams.  They will also be available to laise with parents and available for Teacher-Parent meetings. They will also partake in recreational activities of the school such as school plays, school fairs and fundraising.
  • We sometimes need our teachers to travel to businesses to give lessons. Would they be willing to do that?
    Yes. As long as the candidate is provided transportation or has easy access to public transport.
  • We trust your screening capabilities but we would feel more comfortable talking to prospective teachers directly on the telephone, speaking to their referees and interviewing them in person. Can this be arranged?
    Yes. Although we carry out a very thorough screening process and have many years experience in the selection of candidates we do realize that some schools might prefer to enter into direct contact with prospective teachers. Personal interviews can be arranged in the candidate's or school's country (please refer to the application form for conditions that regulate direct contact with candidates). In this case the school is expected to pay for candidate's travel expenses to the interview.
  • I have seen a candidate on your website I am interested in. She is from Australia. Once she has completed her contract in our school would we have to pay her return fare to Australia?
    No. We appreciate that most schools would find this to be too expensive and to make it equal for all candidates our conditions specify that all candidates receive a £ 150.00 travel contribution payment whatever their nationality or in whatever country they have been placed.
  • We are located in the Dubai. Can we participate in your program or do you only place in the UK?
    Although we are a British company we place in all countries worldwide. At the moment we have schools in a large selection of countries including Italy, France, Spain and Switzerland and always welcome host families from new countries.