Vip Nannies Qualifications

All our Vip Nannies:

  • Will be 18 years old or older.
  • Will have prior child care experience and will have worked as a live-in nanny, in a pre-school, nursery or kindergarten. Others may have worked as a teacher in a primary, secondary or language school, as a private governess or tutor or have worked as a nurse. 
  • Will speak English to an acceptable standard. Many candidates will be British, Irish, Australian, American, Canadian, South African and New Zealand. Others will be Spanish, French, Italian, Czech, Slovakian, Slovenian, Croatian, Hungarian, Polish, Brazilian, Dutch. Families may express a preference for a particular mother tongue and we will source a candidate based on a family's brief
  • Will have completed a minimum 2 year child course and have a child care diploma or have a degree in early years education. Other will be qualified teachers, either with a degree in education or other similar qualification, have a teaching diploma or a TEFL certificate. In exceptional circumstances we may accept candidates without any formal training if they have many years or employment history in the child care industry. 
  • Will be a professional who has chosen child care as their career. 
  • Will submit a medical certificate and police check before arrival.
  • Will have successfully passed extensive screening procedures carried out by our staff and have attended an in person interview with our senior consultant Charlotte Coillis. Charlotte will personally verify all the candidate's documentation. 
  • Will pay their own fare over.
  • Will have successfully completed at least one contract with Totalnannies