Vip Fees

Our Fees

Fees for the Vip Service are equivalent to 10 weeks salary offered to the candidate. All our fees cover the whole contract period you require. We will replace your candidate free of charge if he/she does not complete his/her contract length or if you are not fully satisfied with your chosen candidate. Our fees cover all travel expenses and other associated costs with your campaign.

  • Retainer Fee: 50%. This is payable to start working on your account and will book our recruitment consultant Charlotte Collis exclusively for your family. She will not take on any other clients till your position has been filled. The retainer fee will be refunded in full if we cannot present you with at least one suitable candidate within one week of the brief.

  • There is a 10% suppliment for positions located outside of Europe.

  • Remaining 50% payable once a candidate has been secured and both the candidate and you have signed the employment contract.