Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we choose our nanny?
    Yes. Charlotte Collis will make her suggestions and recommendations based on her experience however you will make this important final decision for yourself.
  • Is there an adequate supply of applicants?
    We have a large network of candidates we work with on a regular basis and Charlotte Collis has built up a considerable network of Vip Nannies she works with.  There will always be a good supply of candidates available. The number of candidates available at any one given time will depend on your specific brief. (driver's license, experience, knowledge of a particular language, mother tongue etc). Charlotte will however be working on your brief and aims to deliver a candidate within your specified deadline. 
  • We are concerned about the emotional impact on our children of changing candidate each year. Is it possible to extend a candidate's length of stay?
    Yes we often have candidates who will stay for 2, 3 and even 4 years. 
  • We are a single parent family. Can we employ a Vip Nanny?
    Yes, of course. Single parents - whether female or male heads of households-may use our Vip service
  • We have a child with special needs. Would our family qualify for one of your Vip Nannies?
    Absolutely! We have some nannies who have specific qualificiatoins in working with children with specific special needs. Please discuss your needs at your briefing with Charlotte Collis. 
  • What do you mean by time off with pay for the candidate?
    Your Vip nanny is entitled to 4 weeks off with pay during a 12 month stay. Shorter stays are calculated pro-rata. You would need to  pay the regular salary agreed at the beginning of the contract for each of those weeks. Your Vip Nanny can take these weeks at the end of the contract, or at a mutually agreed time during the contract (for instance two weeks at Christmas and another two weeks at another convenient time during the year).
  • What are the usual lengths of contracts that can be requested?
    Length of contracts are usually either 6 months or 1 year. Different lengths can be arranged on request.  Temporary contracts are also available from minimum 1 month to maximum 4 months. 
  • I am interested in a Vip Nanny but would want to offer a salary below £ 500.00 per week. Is that possible?  
    All our Vip Nannies are child care professionals who are formally trained and have extensive child care experience. They therefore require a starting salary of £500.00 per week. If this is beyond your budgest please refer to our regular Totalnannies program for a less experienced candidate. 
  • We sometimes need more than 10 hours child care per day or have to go away for a few days on business trips. Can our Vip Nanny help us out?
    Yes. As long as the candidate does not work more 55 hours per week they can be asked to work longer hours in exceptional circumstances as long as extra free time is given later on to catch up.We also have rota nannies available
  • We trust Charlotte's screening capabilities but we would feel more comfortable talking to candidates directly on the telephone, speaking to their referees and interviewing them in person. Can this be arranged?
    Yes. Although Chartlotte has many years of experience in this field and will carry out a very thorough screening process Charlotte does realize that some families might prefer to enter into direct contact with candidates. Personal interviews can be arranged in the candidate's or your country. In this case you are expected to pay for candidate's travel expenses to the interview.
  • If we employ a Vip Nanny from Australia, once she has completed her contract in our family would we have to pay her return fare to Australia?
    No. Charlotte appreciates that most families would find this to be too expensive and to make it equal for all candidates our conditions specify that all candidates receive a £ 150.00 travel contribution payment whatever their nationality or in whatever country they have been placed.
  • We are located in Dubai. Can we employ one of your Vip Nannies or do you only place in the UK?
    Although we are a British company we place in all countries worldwide. We have placed Vip Nannies in Europe and the Middle East and Charlotte is used to dealing with families from a large selection of different countries, backgrounds and cultures.