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Fill in the application form on-line. Please answer all questions giving as much detail as possible about yourself. All fields marked with a * are required and must be completed.

Send us either by e-mail, fax or post or upload onto your dashboard the following:

  • Minimum 2 written references, preferably to do with child care. Otherwise character or employment references are acceptable. No references from relatives please.
  • Minimum 1 photo
  • A copy of your Id. Acceptable forms of Id are: passport, identity card, driving licence. Your Id will be stored securely and not released to any third parties.
  • A letter written to your prospective family, any relevant certificates or diplomas (1st aid, life-saving, child care, nanny or teaching diploma) and photographs of you with children, a police check, a live presentation are much appreciated. These documents are not essential but make your application much more attractive.
  • We will need to receive a medical certificate from a doctor confirming good health. This can be sent at a later date but must be received prior to your arrival in your host family.

Once your application has been received you will be given a reference No. This will be your unique candidate id number.


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If you have browsed our summary of available positions and have seen one or more families you are interested in quote their Ref N° here:
By clicking submit I declare that I have read all the information on working in a family abroad and the content of the the Totalnannies website and I accept the conditions. I also declare to accept the below terms and conditions and that all the information on this application form is true..
Terms and Conditions:

Totalnannies limited terms and conditions.
Totalnannies will always try to make every placement a success and will try to always offer an excellent free service to all our candidates. However we require that all candidates accept the following terms and conditions:

  1. Totalnannies is an introduction agency whose function is to put prospective candidates in touch with prospective host families and will not be held responsible for any permit or visa requirements.
  2. Totalnannies will always try to provide candidates with information, to the best of its ability regarding visas and work permits for different countries but will not accept any responsibility for any information that is incorrect.
  3. It is the candidate's responsibility to make sure he/she has the necessary visas or work permits for her destination host country, if required before travelling
  4. All information given is purely for informational purposes and is subject to change.
  5. Totalnannies will not accept liability for any expenses, injury or damages, moral or financial incurred by any candidate before, during or after placement.
  6. In the unlikely event that a family wishes to terminate an agreement with a candidate and the candidate is asked to leave, Totalnannies reserves the right to examine the reasons the family have given and refuse placement of the candidate in another host family if Totalnannies assesses that the candidate is no longer suitable for replacement in a Totalnannies host family
  7. Although replacement from one family to another family can be arranged quickly and our fast and efficient service has an excellent reputation, Totalnannies reserves the right to take as long as it is necessary to replace the candidate with another host family.
  8. Once a candidate has sent final acceptance e-mail of an offer this is a legally binding job acceptance and commitment to the offer. If the candidate decides to cancel his/her application or arrival in that host family he/she will be liable to refund totalnannies of the sum of £99.00 cancelation fee to cover the costs of finding a substitute candidate for the host family
  9. Families and candidates must respect 2 weeks notice if they wish to terminate the agreement. If a candidate does not give his/her 2 weeks notice to a family and leaves before this period the candidate will be liable to pay the equivalent of 2 weeks salary. Notice can only be given when a candidate is in a host family. Notice cannot be given if the candidate is absent from the family for whatever reason. 
  10. Once written confirmation has been received flight details with a valid booking reference and a copy of receipt of ticket needs to be sent within 2 weeks for long term placements (over 4 months) and 1 week for short term placements (4 months and under). Failure to do so can result in the cancellation of the placement and charge of the cancelation fee.
  11. Once a candidate has completed the length of stay specified in the job description he/she has completed her contract. If he/she wishes to stay on with the host family the contract must be renewed. Any renewal of the contract must be done through Totalnannies Ltd. If the host family does not renew the contract through Totalnannies Ltd the candidate will be required to leave the host family and will be offered a new placement. If the candidate continues the placement with their host family without a Totalnannies renewal contract Totalnannies reserves the right to withdraw all support services and benefits.                                                                                                        
  12. If a candidate starts employment with a host family introduced by Totalnannies without Totalnannies' authorization and confirmation, Totalnannies reserves the right to withdraw all support services and benefits, past and present.                                                              
  13. Once a candidate has completed the contract length of stay, a travel contribution payment of £ 150.00 will be made to the candidate by the host family. After departure and completion of contract,  if this payment has not been received Totalnannies will refund the candidate for this amount.