Program Costs

Registration Fee £99.00 Pounds Sterling due on application (valid for 1 year).
Placement Fee Equivalent to 5 week’s salary offered to the candidate due on confirmation of a candidate.
Short Term Placement Fee (maximum 4 months) £550.00 Pounds Sterling.

In an effort to recognize commitment of families who choose our company year after year, we are pleased to offer a 10% discount on the registration fee and the program fee to all families who have already been registered with us and in an effort to reward families who introduce new clients to the program we are pleased to offer a FREE registration for every 5 families who register with the program introduced by a Host Family and a FREE placement fee for every 5 families who participate in the program introduced by a Host Family.

Program fees include:

  • Recruitment, interviewing and selection of candidates.
  • Verification of candidate's background, work experience and references.
  • Consultancy services during placement.
  • Totalnannies.com will also assist the host family with the selection of a replacement candidate if necessary in case of incompatibility within the first six weeks of arrival after having paid the candidate's flight contribution (except when the candidate has been removed from the host family because of an exploitative situation).

Program fees do not include:

  • Extraordinary Telephone and Social Media expenses.
  • Candidates travel contribution after completion of agreed length of stay.
  • Candiddate's completion bonus after completion of agreed length of stay
  • Candidate's salary.

"Your organization builds bridges of understanding and friendship among the peoples of the world. Prior to our au-pair, the international experience we had was limited. Our lives truly have been enriched and broadened through your program." ---Daniel Cronenberg (Munich, Germany)

"We have found the program to be very beneficial to our family- both fulfilling our child care needs and adding a great cultural exchange in our home." ---Lucia Biaso (Milan, Italy)