Vip Nannies Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a Vip Nanny can include:

  • Awakening the children, dressing infants and toddlers, bathing and playing with the children.
  • Preparing the children meals following a balanced diet, looking after their belongings, making the children's beds, doing their laundry and straightening their rooms.
  • Preparing school uniforms, school bags, school packed lunches and PE kits
  • Implimenting age specific activities and games for the children to stimulate their development and language acquisition
  • Teaching the children a musical instrument
  • Speaking English or another language to the children.
  • Sometimes driving the children to and from school, appointments or outings as requested by the family.
  • Getting up at night for a new born baby, preparing feeds, getting a new born baby into a good routine, changing nappies
  • Weaning and potty training
  • Being home as necessary whilst the children are absent from school due to illness or holidays.
  • Babysitting in the evening when necessary if the parents have to go out whilst the children are asleep for a maximum of 5 evenings per week 
  • Taking the children to the park, doctor's appointments, parties, parent-teacher meetings, helping out at the children's school at school fairs and other school activities and organizing play dates
  • Doing arts and crafts with the children, making costumes for school plays 
  • Being available to provide child care if the parents have to go away for a few days.
  • Travelling with the family and providing child care during summer, winter and public holidays.
  • Following  a school curriculum, assisting children with homework and school projects  and preparing for exams and following a home school program is required
"I would hightly recommend this service. Found a nanny to my exact specifications and she has been a real asset to my household. ." ---Gianni and Vittoria  (Milan, Italy)