Teacher Insurance


All EU teachers have a EHIC card which covers them for medical care in all European Community countries. Non EU teachers or teachers placed in non EU countries have private medical insurance policies.  Schools must make sure their car insurance covers their teacher

before letting them use a car.


What If

Totalnannies.com will make every effort to locate an alternative teacher for the school if their teacher incurs illness or is involved in a serious accident which, in the judgment of totalnannies.com and with the advice of a physician, prevents the fulfillment of teaching responsibilites. Schools must recognize that a brief illness (cold, flu) may prohibit a teacher from performing his/her duties. Teachers should continue to be paid their weekly salary during these brief, unavoidable periods.

Emergency Contact with Totalnannies.com

Every teacher is given the name and number of her/his Post-Placement Co-ordinator. In an extreme emergency, participants may telephone any time of the day or night. If the Post-Placement Co-ordinator is unavailable, headquarter staff will act on behalf of participants if crisis intervention is needed.
The telephone number schools can contact for evening and weekend emergencies is:+44 (0) 7971 950105.