Vip Nannies Screening Process

Proper screening of applicants is key to a successful placement. Vip Nannies go through an extensive screening process to make sure the candidiate fits the client's brief and is a right fit. 

The Brief

The first and one of the most important parts of the Vip Nannies consultancy service is the brief you will provide Charlotte Collis, our senior recruitment consultant. She will come to your home and meet you in person. She will want to get as much information as possibile from you regarding your requirements and expectations so the more information you can provide the better. She will see the candidate's accommodation. She will also aim to spend a few hours in the location where you live (town, city or village) to get a feel of the location and what type of candidate is likely to fit in. This core information will drive Charlotte during the whole recruitment process 


The Interview

All candidates are personally interviewed in person by our senior recruitment consultant Charlotte Collis. We have central offices in London and Charlotte will meet in person your chosen candidate before finalizing the contract to make sure the candidate is appropriate to your needs. Charlotte has 29 years experience in the recruitment of child care staff. All candidates will already have been interviewed by Totalnannies staff, however one of the benefits of using the Vip Nanny service is that Charlotte will personally interview your candidate having an indepth understanding of your needs and requirements having already met you and seen the environemnt where the candidate will work. If after interviewing the candidate Charlotte does not feel the candidate would be right for your family she will pass on this information to you and advise you accordingly. 

The interview will last at least an hour and the candidate will also undergo and personality test 

The interview is the last fase of the consultancy and is completed just before the contract is signed. 


The Application


Candidates will already have completed a very detailed application detailing occupational history, child care experience, educational achievements, interests and hobbies and other personal information.

Applicants will have a minimum of two written child care related references. References will already have been verified by telephone by correspondents or our central London office. However Charlotte Collis will personally call all referees to have an indepth discussion with them regarding the reference and the candidate's suitability to your identified requirements. 
Applicants are required to submit a medical certificate and police check. 

The Interview and Acceptance of Applications


All Vip Nannies will have already met Totalnannies's program requirements and will have been successfully interviewed by one of totalnannies.com's correspondents or our central London office. During the interview correspondents will have assessed the suitability of the candidate for the Totalnannies program. In addition to this, Charlotte Collis will conduct a supplimentary indepth interview once she knows your specific requirements to assess not only the candidate's suitability to be a Vip Nanny but the candidate's suitability to your specific needs. 

Charlotte will verify the quality of spoken English and educational standard of each candidate. She will assess the standard of knowledge of the candidate's foreign language ability if required. Charlotte is multi-lingual and can speak fluent Italian and has a good standard of French. For other languages she will seek the assistance of our multi lingual team. 

Vip Nannies Screening Process

All Vip Nanny applications will come from candidates who have extensive child care experience and are professional child carers. They will have already completed the Totalnannies screening process and have been placed with one of our clients in an overseas contract. The candidate will have successfully completed her/his contract and Charlotte Collis will call the family the candidate was placed in to discuss the candidate's performance and personality. This is just one of the many phases of the Vip Nanny screening process to gain a very indepth understanding of the candidate, his/her personallity and suitability. 

Once Charlotte has carried out an extensive recruitment assessment of candidates she will aim to short list 10 suitable candidates for your consideration. She will make an assessment on each candidate and give you her top 3 choices that she feels would be the best fit for your requirements based on her experience and your brief. She will forward you the full files of these candidates for your consideration. Files of candidates are composed of curriculum, references, photos, medical certificate, police check, interview report, reference verifications and relevant diplomas and certificates. You will then make a choice from these candidates and if you wish can conduct telephone or skype interviews with the candidates before making a final decision. If you would prefer to interview the candidate in person yourself this can be arranged. The candidate can travel to your home and spend a weekend with you and your family or we can arrange for you to interview the candidate at our offices or at your hotel. Candidates will need to be reimbursed for travel expenses to the interview. 

Applicants will receive full details of your offer, your requirements and a detailed description of the position personally compiled by Charlotte Collis based on the indepth brief she has recieved from you. This will include all details of the position, conditions, salary, ages of children, duties, time off, accommodation, location etc. Charlotte will explain in depth to the candidates all information and impressions on the location she received when meeting you.

Once you feel you are happy with the candidate Charlotte Collis will interview the candidate in person and if she is happy with her findings will present the candidate with the contract to sign. This will then be forwarded to you to also sign and the candidate then makes travel arrangements to join your family.