Application Process


Recruitment takes place all year round but the sooner you apply the greater your chances of placement.
The exact departure date will be determined by the requirement of the family, your availability and flight availability. Some placements are made at short notice.



  • Read the information on positions abroad thoroughly so that you fully understand what is needed to apply.
  • Complete the application form on-line. Either fax, e-mailpost or upload to your dashboard the following:
    • At least two written references, preferably to do with childcare. Otherwise character or employment references are acceptable.
    • 2 recent photos. 
    • A copy of your id (passport, id card or driving license). Your Id will be stored securely and not released to any third parties.


  • Photos of you with children, a criminal record check, a live presentation, a letter written to your prospective family talking about yourself and why you want to work abroad with children and any relevant certificates and diplomas (1st aid, life-saving, childcare etc). These are an asset to your application, but not essential. We will need to receive a medical certificate from a doctor confirming good health. This can be sent at a later date but must be received prior to your arrival in your host family. 
  • Once your application has been processed and your documents verified interview arrangements will be made. If possible interviews will be conducted in person, if that is not possible because of the location where you live the interview will be conducted by phone or skype.  Your account will then be active and you will be able to apply for suitable positions which will be on your dashboard. On your dashboard there will be the full job description of the family, detailed conditions and photos of the family if available. 
  • Once you apply to one or more offers, we will forward your profile to the host family. Please apply for any positions you are interested in as soon as possible. The more offers you apply to, the more chance we have of securing you a placement with us.
  • Once we get confirmation that a family wish you to join them we will inform you and request you to send your final acceptance of the offer. At this stage you will often receive the family's contact details and you can then contact them directly if you wish.
  • If you confirm your acceptance we will get the family to send us written confirmation. Once you receive written confirmation by us with the family's address and telephone number you can give notice to your present employer and book your flight for the agreed date.
  • It is advisable to check with us that the chosen date is convenient for the family to go and pick you up at the airport.
  • Once you have all flight details let us know so we can get the family to pick you up at the airport.