Vip Nannies Substitution Policy

Candidates Accountability

Vip Nannies do not pay us any fees. However they are under contract and are required to take their commitments seriously and would loss considerable benefits and their Vip Nanny status if they do not complete their contract.

In case of incompatibility, Charlotte Collis will intervene and shall strive in every possible way to resolve misunderstandings.

Performance or adjustment problems which the family believes could result in the termination of the contract must be brought to Charlotte's attention. Resolution of such issues can occur only when all parties are informed. We expect the family and the candidate to make every effort to work together and with Charlotte to resolve differences.

If a problem can be resolved only by removing the candidate from the family's residence, Charlotte will make every effort to find another family for the candidate, and another candidate for the family. In such cases, the family is expected to give the candidate 2 weeks notice. If a family is not willing to give the candidate 2 week's notice they will be expected to pay the candidate 2 weeks salary. The candidate is expected to continue to perform her nanny duties during this period and be paid the agreed salary during this time. A candidate should never be asked to leave without Charlotte's involvement.

Whilst Charlotte will do everything possible in the search and choice of a nanny, if for some reason a family is not satisfied, or if the candidate should leave, all the family has to do is to let Charlotte know and Charlotte will supply the family with a substitute candidate at no extra cost. Charlotte will supply a substitute candidate for the whole contract period. 

A candidate will be removed from an exploitative situation such as:

  • not keeping to the conditions agreed with the candidate before placement.
  • not paying or reducing the candidate's agreed salary without the candidate agreeing to it also.
  • not allowing or reducing agreed free time.
  • increasing agreed responsibilities and duties without prior agreement on the part of the candidate or not treating the candidate appropriately.

In such circumstances the family will receive no replacement candidate.