Reviewer: Elizabeth R

Overall Rating: 40%

Would use Again? : no

I wish I had known from the outset, that my age is obviously a deterrent to being employed. I found it particularly galling that I was asked immediately to send a message why I rejected a particular position being offered. Conversely. I was never given the same courtesy, when a family rejected my application. So I was never really certain of the reason(s). One family led me to believe all was going ahead, then never answered either my phone calls or those of Totalnannies. Other families took a long long while before finally deciding on a 'no. Some, to this day, have left me hanging. All in all, a costly, time consuming and ultimately fruitless effort.Frankly if you can't expect honest dialogue and mutual respect with prospective families, how can you work for them!
To close on a positive notes, I found all dealings with Harry Brasier himself to be prompt, helpful and courteous. Thank you Harry for trying on my behalf, but I think I'll try my luck teaching English in China, which still has employees aged 70+ in some regions,
Yours sincerely,
Elizabeth Reed

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