Family Profile


Ref No. F00480/17

Family Details

Nationality: Switzerland
Marital Status: Living together
Profession-Husband: Finance manager
Profession-Wife: Housewife
Languages spoken: English
Names and ages of children: Ryan 3 Ozora 2 weeks Kevin 13
Description of home and locality: 10 minute drive to centre of Geneva House with outside swimming pool Centre of Geneva can be reached by public transport
Other help kept in home:
No. of hours worked weekly of other help: 60

Family Address Details

City: Vandoeuvres
Country: Switzerland

Candidate Preferences

Type of help needed: Mother's Help
Approx starting date: ASAP
Length of stay: 6 months
Would you prefer a candidate:
who can cook?
who can swim?
who can drive?
who is a non-smoker?
who has experience with children?
who is mother tongue English?
Will the candidate be expected to do housework for the family?
Does your family have any special needs: No
Will you accept a candidate who smokes only outside?
Do you need a candidate who speaks a particular mother tongue?
Does the candidate need to speak any foreign language?
Will you give use of a car?
Will you give use of the internet?
If no candidate was available for 1 year would you take someone for 6 mths?
Description of candidate's accommodation: Private bedroom and a private bathroom Tv and DVD provided in room
Approx hrs of work: Morning from7 to 13
Afternoon from16 to 20
Total daily hours: 10
Duties: Help mother. Take care of Ryan and also helping with Ozora once the maternity nurse leaves. Keep Ryan's room and the play room organised. Create activities. Maybe cook sometimes. Bath. Sterilise bottles. Change nappies.
Time off: 1 1/2 days
No. evenings off: 0
Weekly salary: 700.00 British Pound
Is salary negotiable?

Other Family Information

Family's interests: Travelling, family
Where do you go on holiday?: Mauritius, Dubai, Portugal, France, Greece, Europe, Worldwide. Barbardos
Do you have any animals? 2 cats, 1 dog
Any other relevant information which you feel is important: We speak English and French at the house. We have a chef/driver and also a full time cleaner. Candidate must be a team player and dynamic. Ryan goes to nursery from 8.00 am to 12noon and usually has a nap in the afternoon. Kevin lives one week with the family and one week with his dad and goes to school full-time. No school runs are required.

Job Description

Vandoeuvres. Nr Geneva, Switzerland. Mother's Help or Qualified Nanny needed for family with 3 children, Ryan aged 3, Ozora aged 2 weeks and Kevin aged 13. The duties will be in relation to the two younger children. Ryan goes to nursery from 8.00 am to 12 noon. Kevin is from a previous relationship and lives one week with mum and one week with dad and goes to school full-time. No school runs are required. Swiss/French family. The family speak English and of course French. Dad is a finance manager, mum does not work. Other help kept: a driver, chef and housekeeper for all the housework for a total of 60 hours per week. The family live in a house with outdoor swimming pool a 10 minute drive to central Geneva. Geneva city centre can be reached by public transport. Use of car is given. Requirements: Ability to Cook/Swimmer/Non-Smoker/Experience/Excellent English even if not Mother Tongue. Use of internet is given. Minimum 6 month placement. Accommodation: own private bedroom with private bathroom. The room has a TV and DVD. Approx hrs of work: 7.00 am to 1.00 pm and then 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm or 8.00 am to 12 noon and then 2.00 pm to 8.00 pm Total daily hrs: 10. Time off: 1 1/2 days including the evenings. You are asked to babysit for a maximum of 5 evenings a week. Duties: Help mum in the care of Ryan and also help with Ozora once their Maternity Nurse leaves. Keep Ryan's bedroom and the playroom organised. Organise the children's toys and clothes. Create activities for the children, sometimes help with cooking when the chef is not there. Sometimes help with bath time. Sterilise the bottles, change the baby's nappies. Be willing to help out when needed for example empty the dishwasher if needed and take the initiative. The household is fully staffed but the family are looking for a candidate who is flexible and is able to see if something needs doing and do it and not be rigid regarding her duties. For example bake a cake or help with cooking. A team player with a can do attitude would be the ideal candidate for this position. Salary: £ 450.00 to £700.00 per week, net, negotiable depending on experience and qualifications. Family's interests: Travel and family. The family go on holiday to the Mauritius, Dubai, Portugal, France, Greece, Barbados and other locations in Europe and Worldwide and you would travel with them. This would be an ideal position for a candidate who loves travelling. They have 2 cats and a dog. The family are looking for a candidate who is dynamic, playful, creative, with a sunny disposition and confident in her child care skills. A lovely position for a young couple with a growing family. Geneva is in the French part of Switzerland and is a lovely vibrant city.

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