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Nr Pisa, North Italy



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F039/11. San Giuliano, Nr Pisa, North Italy. Summer position. Mother's help for family with one child Francesco aged 8. Religion: R/C. Dad is an orthopaedic surgeon, mum does not work. Mum is French, dad is Italian. All the family speak Italian, French and English. Other help kept: a housekeeper for the heavy housework. Requirements: Ability to Cook/Swimmer/Driver Non-Smoker/Experience/English Mother Tongue/Willing to do Housework. Use of car and internet given. To start 15th June 2011 for 3 months. Approx hrs of work: 9.00am-1.00pm. 4.00pm-8.00pm. Total daily hrs: 8. Time off: 1 1/2 days including the evenings and another 4 evenings off per week. You are asked to babysit for 1 evening a week. Salary: 200.00 p/w, negotiable (around 174.00 p/w, at current rate of exchange). The family live in a large country house in the middle of a park, 5 minutes by bus from the centre of Pisa. The bus stops outside the house. The family have and old dog and a cat but they do not go on holiday with the family.  They have a live in housekeeper who also serves at table ma will not clean your bedroom and bathroom or Francesco's (bedroom and bathroom). The family go to Val d'Isere in the mountains for a week at the end of June. The apartment their is small but you will have your own bedroom and bathroom. They then go to Corsica from July to September. There they have a cleaner who comes in the mornings to clean the house but not the bedrooms. You will need to clean your own bedroom and bathroom and Francesco's and give a hand with laying and clearing the table and cooking. The house faces the sea and has direct access to the sea. There is a train 5 minutes away on foot that goes all over Corsica. The family are looking for a girl who speaks perfect English and who is clean and tidy. In all the family's homes you will have your own bedroom and bathroom. Duties: Speak to Francesco in English, teach him English, get him to study and play with him. Family's interests: sport, skiing, fun board, bike riding, swimming, reading. The family go on holiday to Val d'Isere, the beautiful island of Corsica and maybe to the lovely island of Elba.  We have already provided 3 Mother's help to this family from New Zealand, the USA and the UK and they were all very happy there and completed their contracts. This is a lovely summer position where you will have the opportunity to experience two different counties, and 3 or 4 different locations.

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