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Near Messina, South Italy



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F010/12. Lipari, Iolie  Island, Nr Messina, Sicily, South Italy. Short or long term Junior Nanny/Mother's help needed for 3 children, Mara aged 8, Tommaso aged 6 & Claudio aged 3. Religion: R/C. Dad is an engineer, mum is the manager of a hotel. The school is located less than 5 minutes on foot. The family live in a large apartment on two floors (1st & 2nd floor), in the centre of the village. Everything is walking distance. Other help kept: a housekeeper for 42 hours per week for the heavy housework. Requirements: Driver/English Mother Tongue/Non-Smoker or willing to smoke only outside/Ability to Cook/Swimmer/Willing to do Housework. Use of car given. To start 1st May 2012 for 4, 6, 8 or 12 months. Accommodation: own private large and luminous bedroom with double bed, balcony on the 1st floor with bathroom with shower. The room is located in a  more seperate part of the apartment with the possibility to close the door of the hall that gives access to the room. Approx hrs of work: 3.30pm-8.30pm. From mid June to mid September you will also be asked to work in the mornings from 10.30am till 1.30pm. The total daily hours of work will be 5 during the rest of the year and during the summer (mid June to mid September) 8. Duties: wash Claudio, make sure that the two older children have washed themseleves properly, prepare the children's clothes. make sure that the two older children have got dressed, dress Claudio, tidy up the children's bedroom and the rooms where the toys are (there is a playroom with tv, wii etc), prepare an afternoon snack for the children, take them out for walks (the centre of the village is a pedestrianized area), or take the children to the playground (that is 5 minutes away on foot). In the summer take the children to the swimming pool or beach (so prepare the beach bag with toys, towels, sun creams, water ane snacks). Take the children to possible birthday parties or friends' houses. Keep the children's clothes in order (which are usually ironed by the housekeeper). The family usually ask, as you will treated as a member of the family to help with the preperation of lunch and supper and to lay and clear the table and however be present even if it is not during your working hours. Time off: Sundays including the evening and another 3-4 evenings off per week. You are asked to babysit for a maximum of 3 evenings a week. From mid June to mid September your time off would be 1 1/2 days off per week including evenings and another 2 evenings off per week. Salary: 450.00 p/m during the year (around 90.00 p/w, at current rate of exchange) and 850.00 p/m from mid June to mid September(around 212.00 p/w at the curent rate of exchange). Family's interests: The family are very sociable so love going out to dinner or inviting friends over. They love the beach and at weekends during the summer they always go on their motor boat. In partricular as they own a private beach estalishment on Vulcano (another island) they spend the whole day there. They travel overseas to Europe and go skiing. They have a dog. This family is well know to us as we have already provided them with mother's helps who were very happy there. They live in a fantastic location, really ideal for a beach lover. The island of Lipari is an idilic location, it is one of the Eolian island of the larger island of Sicily. Siclily can be reached by ferry and there are also ferries that fgo from island to island. A fantastic position especially for the summer months.

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Letter from previous au-pair

To whom it may concern:

 My name is Norma Navarro and I am a UK student who decided to travel as an au pair to widen my horizons.

 I stayed with Sarah Tomasello Carnevale and her family for 8 months from January 2007 looking after her children, Mara and Tommaso. My stay with the family was a wonderful experience and I was very well looked after. I was accomodated in a lovely apartment just next door to their home with all the adequate facilities. It was a unique experience from which I learnt a lot and I surely felt like part of the family after a couple of months. I was made very welcome and I highly recommend any au pair to go and stay with Sarah and her family.

 Thank you

 Kind Regards

Norma Navarro

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