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To find you a family we need certain documents from you as listed below. You can e-mail us these at: app@totalnannies.com  Alternatively you can fax or post us your documents.



At least two references, preferably to do with childcare. Otherwise character or employment references are acceptable.


 At least one photo. These should be in either gif, jpeg or png format. Preferably this should be with children, otherwise any other type of  photo is fine including a passport size photo. If you can send several photos this will make your application more attractive



A medical certificate


Photos of you with children, a letter written to your prospective family talking about yourself and why you want to work abroad with children a police check, a live presentation  and any relevant certificates and diplomas (1st aid, life-saving, childcare etc). These are an asset to your application, but not essential.



A copy of  your id. Acceptable forms of id are: passport, identity card, driving license


Don't delay we have families available immediately! E-mail us your documents today. We are unable to proceed until we receive these from you.



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