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Thanking you for registering with totalnannies.com for an au-pair/mother's help or nanny position abroad. The contact information you submitted is as follows:

First Name: first_name
Last Name: last_name
Home Telephone Number: home_tel_no_country_code home_tel_no

Work Telephone Number: work_tel_no_country_code work_tel_no

Mobile Number: mobile_tel_no_country_code mobile_tel_no

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If any of this information is incorrect, please go back to the application form and change it.

Please send us as soon as possible all the necessary documents that we require as we are unable to proceed with your application until we receive these. The documents can be sent either by fax, e-mail or snail mail.

When we receive your documents we will be contacting you with suitable family offers and our positions coordinator will be contacting you personally.

Thanking you once again for preferring our company.

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