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Totalnannies.com was founded  by a team of associates that have been working in the field of cultural exchange programs for the last 15 years.




To increase the understanding of foreign countries, their history and their culture


To increase international understanding by arranging for young people to visit and stay with host families abroad


To increase the understanding of different cultures by host families


To increase the amount of people learning foreign languages

kidsTotalnannies.com has a highly professional multi-lingual team with a vast experience in organizing high quality educational and cultural exchange programs. We pride ourselves in being able to give a fast personalized service.









We strive to give excellent customer service and offer one of the most extensive post-placement backup services on the market.  All girls placed in a family through our company will be supported throughout her stay abroad. We have an expanding network of post-placement co-ordinators situated in host countries. Every girl placed abroad is assigned her local post-placement co-ordinator who is available throughout her stay as a contact point for any questions, queries and to try and solve any problems that might arise. The Co-ordinator can also act as a go-between between the girl and the family if necessary. Some of our post-placement co-ordinators can also offer free temporary accommodation in exceptional circumstances. As a girl travelling abroad you can leave your home with the assurance that you will be looked after throughout your stay.

As a parent you can trust our company to provide your daughter with a placement in a professional host family. We are always available to answer any queries you may have concerning your daughter's host family. We also offer a members area on our web site for girls placed through our company with many resources for making a success of your stay abroad. Ranging from children's meal, first aid, games for the kids to contact information of girls placed locally, e-mail login and a discussion board to chat to other girls placed in families worldwide.



To host families we can offer thedad and child assurance that all our girls are thoroughly screened before being accepted on the program. All references are personally verified and all candidates are interviewed in person. We have an office in London where candidates in the South East of England are interviewed and we have a network of correspondents worldwide who recruit and personally interview all candidates. A thorough interview report gets compiled for every application.


Although the majority of our placements are in Italy, due to the success of our program we have now spread worldwide and cover many countries all over the world. 


We also cover other multi-cultural programs:


Paying Guest Program which arranges paying guest accommodation with excellent families in the UK and also on farms


Foreign Language Program which organizes language programs combined with excellent accommodation in host families, student residences and hotels worldwide

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